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The Ideal Nymph range is a series of tactical nymphing rods that has been thoughtfully designed in every possible aspect to be the most effective and pleasant feeling nymphing tools. The rods have a non-glare matte finish, downlocking matte titanium color hardware with high density premium quality cork grips, Curly Koa wood spacers and compact fighting butts. Rod accents include dark amber color primary wraps and titanium metallic accent wraps. Guide selection and placement on nymphing rods is critical to performance, and Ideal Nymph rods have the right components in the right places. There are three snake guides below the rod tip, which helps counter leader-wrapping problems with long leaders. Two lightweight single foot stripping guides create a smoother surface at the most critical contact areas while the rod is heavily flexed fighting a fish. Dark colored single foot guides cover the area between the snake guides and the stripper guides. Guide placement is optimized with a stripping guide on the butt section to minimize potential line sag. Ideal Nymph blanks are designed to maximize recovery speed and feel, while still flexing enough to load with mono rigs and lightweight nymphs. All Ideal Nymph rods have a firm backbone that allows for a quick hookset and great fish retention, while having the smooth power transition that allows anglers to apply firm pressure to fish without fear of breaking light tippets.

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Lance Lascari
Very pleased with the ideal nymph 10'10" 4wt

I've fished this rod maybe 7 times in the first 10 days of having it in my hands and I'm quite happy with it -- enough to order another in the lineup. Feels very light while capable and there's no significant "wobble" -- I've only fished a simple mono-rig and had no trouble with a small unweighted wet at 25'. I've mostly been fishing midsized nymphs but have had no troubles getting smaller heavy streamers to do what I ask of them -- great versatile rod.

10ft10in 2WT

Awesome stick. The 10'10" 2WT has alot more oomph than other comparable rods. I have landed trout to 22in so far without issue. Perfect for me in BC where I am limited to 1 fly rigs.

Dan Dev
Incredible feel and strength

Super impressed with the build quality on the rod. I’ve been out with hit half a dozen times and for a 2wt, I’m blown away by the strength of the backbone and delicate feel of the tip. Sensitive enough to feel and pull so very light bites on 5 and 6X tippet, but also enough meat to net a 19” rainbow that wanted to grind his face into the rocks. Stoked with the price to value on this rod!

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Dale Sheehan
Favorite Rod

I own ESN’s and Contact II’s but the Diamondback Ideal Nymph 10’ 1wt has quickly become my favorite rod. Don’t let the 1wt fool you,I have landed some decent fish in fast moving water with no issues. The accuracy with this rod is pin point with quick recovery and can throw dry droppers with ease,and this rod also comes with a great price point.

Excellent Rod!

Just received my 2wt 10’10” rod and used for the first time.. the rod performs excellent! Great feel sensitivity and response.. extremely strong and handled 17” fish in pocket water, while protecting a 7x tippet.

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